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This is the city where they invented the rose

portsignport portsign1
They also developed the idea of homeless people



This was John and Polly's favourite gig.  Me? well I managed to remember to do all the songs but wasn't feeling it tonight...



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Rebecca said...
It really was too bad. It must be such an honor to be asked to tour with Parish and Harvey. I always look forward to their shows. Your songs were very clever and entertaining, we considered buying the cd. We just couldn't chance the purchase based on hopes that the recording would be more soulful than the performance. Maybe you'll have another chance with Portland, we are a forgiving people.
June 27, 2009 07:28:30
Gos said...
Hello there Pop, went on down to Portland to see you play. Not much going on. Guess it was the wrong Portland. Stopped off in Charmouth on the way home for an ice cream.
June 21, 2009 03:03:00
Kirsten said...
It's too bad you didn't get much love from the audience that night. I really enjoyed your performance and will be picking up your CD. I was frustrated because people were so loud I could sometimes barely hear you. I had people who even talked during Polly and John's performance behind me. I myself cried when Polly came on stage.
June 20, 2009 07:58:08
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